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  • Level Transmitters

    Our range of ultrasonic level transmitters is among the widest on the market, offering many integrated, compact, 2 and 4-wire transmitters for liquids and solids. Most of our transmitters are available in PFA-coated versions for aggressive mediums. All transmitter families also offer explosion-proof models for hazardous environments.

    Level Switches

    The most common application for level instrumentation is level control and limit switching. NIVELCO offers reliable level control and limit-switching solutions for a wide variety of media, from potable water to wastewater, aggressive alkalis and acids, and free-flowing, powdered, bulk, or granular solids.

    Analytical Transmitters

    There is a constant demand for analytical measurements in practically all industries. Analysis of fluids and reliable control over the feeding of various chemicals is especially crucial in the water and wastewater, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, and power industries.

    Flow Measurement

    NIVELCO’s open-channel flow metering system offers 9 different sizes and compact types of Parshall flumes made of plastic (PP).

    Temperature Measurement

    The most frequently measured physical parameter in the modern process automation industry is temperature. NIVELCO’s temperature measuring instruments are designed primarily to measure this vital parameter. Instruments range from simple thermal sensors to pressure-resistant, explosion-proof, high-temperature thermometers that communicate digitally and multi-point transmitters.

    Industrial Sensors

    Non-contact proximity switches are popular devices in industrial process automation.

    Pressure Sensors

    In the world of industrial measurement, monitoring and controlling the pressure of liquids and gases and processing the measurement results are of the highest priority. NIVELCO covers the needs of several industries and application areas with a wide selection of the NIPRESS family.

    Signal Processing Units

    Integrating NIVELCO's wide range of level instruments into process control systems requires intelligent and versatile signal processing and control devices. Our instruments are designed to maximize compatibility with our transmitters and sensors.

    System Components

    NIVELCO's broad product portfolio requires many types of system accessories. These devices facilitate the integration of NIVELCO level instruments into process control systems. The range of system components includes universal displays, loop displays, interfaces, other expansion modules, time relays, etc.

    Discontinued Products

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